Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Our trolleys are packed double sided FULL of new comics!
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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Book Summary: The Nothing to See Here Hotel

With 6 different authors giving this book nothing but amazing praise and review after review after review saying that its extremely funny i thought i need to add it to our blog.

The Nothing to See Here Hotel, is a hotel full with weird and wonderful guest including goblin pirate, tooth fairy sisters, trolls and so much more and one day the hotel gets a message informing them that a goblin prince is intending to stay at the hotel. This creates a bit of a panic as you can imagine but the excitement of his arrival soon turns to anger and regret as the goblin prince -with his bad attitude and a hidden secret- is not what they expected.

Book Summary: The House with Chicken Legs

Wanting that book with a difference.. what about a retelling of Baba Yaga?

Marinka is the grand daughter of non other then thee Baba Yaga, and is being trained to one day replace her Grandmother and take on the responsibility of guiding souls to the afterlife. But all Marinka wants most is a friend, with a constantly moving house (on chicken legs) and an intense training schedule there is no time for things so insignificant as a 'play date' so when Marinka has the chance at an actual friendship so throws tradition to the wind and controls her own life for once... which as you can imagine turns out not to be the best decision. Marinkas beloved grand mother mysteriously disappears and its now up the Marinka to sort out the mess she has made even if it means a magic filled adventure into the dangers of the afterlife.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Book Summary: The Stone Girl's Story

Mayka was carved out of solid stone by a master stonemason and brought to live by the intricately carved symbols on her body, giving her the ability to see, speak, hear and even think for herself. Living atop a mountain range in a marble house Maykas father (the stonemason) also made her stone friends to keep her company including a small stone dragon, a quirky small bird and a noble stone griffin, but after her fathers death many years ago the up keep on the carved symbols keeping them alive has fallen into disarray and now as time moves on more and more of Mayka friends are fading back into pure stone. Mayka decides there is only one thing for it... find a new master stonemason to help, that just means leaving the safety of her marble house and venture into the dangerous valley bellow.

New book arrival!!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Book Summary: Edge of Extinction

Basically imagine if no-one was able to stop the bad dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and they took over...
Because this seems like that story...

Humans manage to clone dinosaurs but they soon manage to make their way back to the top of the food-chain. With their obvious hunting ability and not so obvious killer virus the human population was quickly decimated, forcing the few living humans to live in compounds underground for the last 150 years, and one such human is our protagonist Sky, who is an orphan after her fathers disappearance.
Sky discovers a letter written by her father and with best friend Shawn she decides to go find him. Even if it means risking their lives against the dinosaurs

This book seems very "on the edge of your seat" reading and come on who hasn't thought about what the old would be like if dinosaurs still lived (although personally would like the Flintstones version of that world)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Book Review: Brotherhood of Thieves

Brotherhood of thieves is set back when horses were how you got home on time, you didn’t leave home without your sword and life on the streets leaves you cold, miserable and hungry… so when main character —orphan and street thief— Caspan gets given the chance to compete to join the brotherhood of thieves (a secret order sanctioned by the king) how could he pass it up.

The secret order specialise in treasure hunting, exploring ancient temples long left by an ancient race that lived on earth many moons ago, leaving behind their magical artifacts that are much needed by the kings army in a war against the Roon, the invading ork army .

After completing the first part of their training the five young apprentices – Caspan, Roland, Lachlan, Sara and Kilt - receive a very special gift reserved only for those in the Order… their own Wardens, a magical beast that they will train with to help them with their task, but when the group are sent on their first mission things don’t go to plan and the trainees must rely on each other and work together to survive.

This book would suit any reader that enjoys dragons, sword fighting, magical pets and funny banter. Also great for younger teens stepping up into teen books.

Comics arriving soon

THE COMICS ARE COMING THE COMICS ARE COMING!! Our trolleys are packed double sided FULL of new comics! Welcome to.. I'll be ...